Stuff About Me

My life is literally based on the movie, The Wizard. Except i'm not as autistic as that guy. I'm 31. I draw stuff in conjunction with working for a living, and i have a pretty remarkable world record in a video game that not a lot of people know about. I think i also mentioned that i draw things.

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Commissioned Artwork FAQ

Are you interested in commissioning me for artwork? Click here to email me for more information.

What will it cost me?

These are my standard starting rates for custom artwork.

Everything starts at a base rate of $50. Rates increase based on complexity, time, and use of image requested. Oh, and after we talk about it, if we're serious about working, due to being burned in the past, i now require half payment up front before any artwork is started.

I will provide one free revision (that is, i send you a digital watermarked proof, you tell me what you do like, what you don't, and i revise it if needed.) with every commissioned piece. Every piece of artwork that requires further revision will come at an additional $5.00 per piece.

I'm doing this as a side venture to supplement income, until something like this can prove itself fruitful enough to pay all my bills and kept me fed, warm, and with internet.

I want you to draw (...fill in with something i'm not gonna draw.)

I will be straight forward with you that there are certain, dare i say obvious things, i won't draw. If you request it, i'll politely decline.

What's the turnaround rate on this stuff?

Honestly, it depends on workload, but usually i can get most things done within a week.

Do you mail me a print? Or...

Right now i prefer to work digital only. I can send you a high-resolution file of the final, which any decently equipped print shop can handle. If you do want a solid print (and it's something i don't have in stock), i CAN make you a print, but it will come at an additional charge, based on size.

Right now i'm primarily working on standard 8.5x11 high quality paper, and can blow stuff up to 11x17 at max.

This will hopefully change sometime soon, so keep bugging me about it. :)

I have a question that's not listed here.

For more info, anything i can help you with, or setting up a commission, email me here.
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I was trying to practice some coloring techniques tonight with Manga Studio 5, (a program that i'm going to start migrating over for all of my illustrating purposes, due to the fact that it seems to the most user friendly experience for what i'm trying to accomplish, is affordable, and will run in Livestream without totally compromising all of my PC's memory and functionality.) and after wasting three hours of coming up with something that looked absolutely terrible, erased all my coloring, and recolored using my usual style in about twenty minutes. The piece would have taken just over an hour to complete, otherwise.

This is my character from the pen and paper roleplaying game Shadowrun, and drew it out of enthusiasm for the amazing kickstarter-fueled game Shadowrun Returns, due to release in a matter of months after much anticipation.

If you're interested in any commissions of your custom characters, or anything else, you can contact me here.

I'm trying to kick off my "Be a more serious artist for serious" campaign the right way, and drew this cyberpunk likeness of the a good friend of mine, the talented Tokyo Belle. The piece was done in two hours, in four variations of black multiply layers, done in PaintTool SAI. You can commission work like this and others by contacting me here.
To everyone who saw me at Megacon 2013!

Thank you so much for checking out my website (yes, which is still under construction.)

You're here because some guy in a russian hat and wool coat handed you a card telling you to check out the website for more art (which is available currently on a link to the side to my deviantArt page. Again, i'm migrating over to here in the next couple of days.)

I wanted to let you know that the convention was a huge success, and a blast. Every single one of you who came up to compliment my work and purchase something made my day, and i would love to hear from you again.

Please contact me with any of your con memories, or if you have any ideas for things you'd love to see me draw in future conventions (or for possible commission work), you can contact me here.

You can also find me at

Here's to hearing from you very soon!